How much is your property worth?

Services Included:

- Rental Valuation

Determining an asking price for your home or investment property requires careful consideration.† The rental valuation you receive must be up to date in consideration of local property value, market conditions and other contributing factors so that your property generates the best possible return. Conceptís team of letting experts use their experience and local knowledge to provide accurate rental valuations for all types of property.† They will also take property condition, location and the current level of demand by prospective tenants into consideration during the valuation process.† As property interest is greatly optimised by successful advertising our comprehensive marketing strategy tends to ensure we achieve higher rents than other local agents.

Your allocated lettings expert will ensure that your valuation is communicated to you clearly so that you are always kept fully informed.

- Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Getting your property seen in its best light maximises your chance of securing suitable tenants at the right price for your property.† We make sure your property is in sight and in mind by marketing:
As well as being listed in the ĎAvailable Propertiesí Section of our website your property will also benefit from exposure on the following leading property websites:


All our partner websites offer mobile and tablet-friendly experiences to suit the ever changing ways in which people search for property.
... and Offline
When we market your property in branch, you can take full advantage of the busy Tooting High Street, where our office is located.† Hundreds of prospective tenants visit our office every month!† With your permission we will also place one of our eye catching property boards outside your property to attract the attention of suitable applicants passing by.

- EPC Finder Service

We can check the EPC Register to find out whether your property has a valid EPC.† We are happy to arrange for an accredited Energy Assessor to conduct an EPC for you as necessary.† At no extra charge Concept can keep a digital copy of the EPC on file in case it is ever misplaced.†† Find out more in our Frequently Asked Landlord Questions.

- Accompanied Viewings

One of our experienced Lettings Negotiators will show each and every prospective tenant around your rental property and prepare your property for viewings wherever possible.† They will be on hand to answer applicant questions and point out your propertyís best bits as well as providing added security during the viewing process.† Our Lettings Negotiators also screen applicants whilst conducting viewings and start to build an understanding of their character and circumstances, which could provide you with the valuable insight you need to determine tenant suitability once an offer is placed.

- Tenant Referencing Strategy

For the most part an applicant will be able to accurately consider what they can comfortably afford when placing an offer to let a property.† However, thorough tenant referencing is crucial in the assessment and minimisation of risk.† We will provide you with the details that you need to make an informed decision when it comes to accepting a person as your tenant.† We will talk you through the ways in which an applicant can satisfy referencing requirements and we will never take the decision to accept or reject a tenant without consulting your first - you will always have the final decision on who resides in your property.† We can also provide you with added protection against fraud and rental default should you wish to explore this for your additional security.

- Tenancy Agreement Preparation and Signing

Over the years our standard Tenancy Agreements, which adhere to all necessary legal requirements, have been informed and developed by our experience in end of tenancy management and offer the utmost protection to you and your property.† In response to the busy lives of our Landlords we offer a revolutionary approach to Tenancy Agreement signing.† Using online software, you can safely and easily sign your Tenancy Agreement from the comfort of your own home, which is particularly useful for our Landlords living outside of London.† If you prefer the more traditional method of putting pen to paper we will happily accommodate you at our office.

- Collection of First Monthís Rent and Deposit

Whichever lettings service you select, Conceptís dedicated move in team will manage collection of the first monthís rent and deposit money at the beginning of your new let.† This ensures that tenants will never be permitted to access to your property until all the necessary funds have cleared in our account.† Once your tenants have successfully moved in you will receive your easy to read Landlord Statement along with your payment.†

- Landlord Move-In Pack

For each new let you will receive a unique Landlord Move-In Pack complete with essential information and documentation for the tenancy.† This can either be prepared electronically or as a hard copy, depending on your preference.
Depending on your level of service your Move-In Pack will include:

  1. The name and contact details for each of your tenants
  2. A copy of the signed Tenancy Agreement
  3. Our contact details should you wish to get in touch
  4. Deposit Protection Certificate and Legal Paperwork

If you should ever need copies of any of your tenancy documents please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

- Tenancy Renewal

Conceptís dedicated renewals management team have revolutionised the renewal process.† We:

  1. Contact your tenants no later than 1 month before the end of tenancy to find out whether they wish to renew
  2. Provide you with up to date advice and information to explain the current property market
  3. Negotiate rental increases and contract duration
  4. Manage Tenancy Agreement Preparation and Signing
  5. Take required actions to update deposit protection as per your service level

- Rent and Legal Cover

Our Tenant Referencing Strategy guarantees that we take every possible step to ensure your tenants will adhere to their legal obligations throughout their tenancy.† If you would like Legal Expenses and Rental Protection cover for your added security we can arrange this on your behalf.† For more information please contact us.

- Monthly Statements

As a Landlord receiving either our Assured Rent Collection Service or Bespoke Management Service you will receive an easy to read monthly statement detailing your payment.† We send each monthly statement to you by email for your convenience as soon as possible after rent has been received.† Should you ever require statements to be re-sent or annual statements to be generated for your current tenancy please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

- Collection of Rent

We operate both a proactive and reactive rent collection service that minimises the risk of delayed rental payments and accruing rental arrears.

The proactive element

Concept provides a standing order mandate, primed so that rent leaves your tenantís account 3 days before the rent due date, to each Head Tenant at tenancy commencement.† Once the standing order is set up this measure ensures that rent will always be received on or before the rent due date regardless of any processing delays caused by weekends and bank holidays.† We also take time to emphasis to your tenants their rental obligations and the consequences for any breach prior to tenancy agreement signing.

The reactive element

We use a number of tried and tested rent recovery methods in the event of missed rental payments.† Among the most effective of these methods are communication and diplomacy as it is often the case that missed payments result from an oversight or unforeseen circumstance. However, we will take alternative actions should the circumstance necessitate this.† Concept will always attempt to resolve rental issues in a way that best protects the working relationship between tenant and Landlord.

- Inventory Arrangements

Evidence that shows the condition of your property at the beginning and end of a tenancy is essential for a successful let.† This evidence is useful in agreeing returnable deposits and resolving disputes over deposit repayments should these arise at the end of a tenancy.† Instructing an impartial inventory company to record a propertyís condition yields robust reports giving you complete peace of mind.† We have experience in working with a number of inventory companies and can instruct the service that is most appropriate for you.†

- Deposit Protection

We have extensive experience in securing deposits within the Deposit Protection Service (DPS).† We will ensure that all legal requirements for deposit protection are fulfilled on your behalf and will supply both you and your tenant with all the necessary documentation.

- Deposit Return Management

Our end of tenancy management team will work with you to determine any deposit deductions that may be necessary in order to reinstate your property to its originally rented condition.† We will manage all communication with your tenants on your behalf whilst agreeing the returnable deposit amount so you can benefit from our expert negotiation skills and in depth understanding of deposit dispute resolution.† If it is necessary to escalate the deposit dispute we will talk you through the process keeping you fully informed at all times.

- Annual Gas Safety Certificates

All rental properties must have a valid gas safety certificate in order to comply with Lettings Law.† Concept will keep a copy of your current gas safety certificate on file and will make arrangements for annual gas safety inspections to take place at your property.† Should you wish to request a copy of your propertyís valid gas safety certificate please contact us.

- Transfer of Council Tax and Utilities

We will manage the transfer of council tax, water, gas and electricity bills from Landlord to tenant at the beginning of tenancy so that the relevant companies are aware of the changes in liability.† To give you complete peace of mind we also ensure all utility and council tax charges are settled at the end of each and every tenancy.

- Management of Maintenance and Repairs

We manage routine repairs and maintenance on your behalf.† You will benefit from our longstanding professional relationships with a variety of local contractors who can address a wide range of issues including, boiler and appliance repairs, plumbing problems and electrical faults.† You will also benefit from our 24 hour emergency maintenance service, which continues our comprehensive protection of your property out of office hours.

- Regular Property Inspections

We conduct up to 4 property inspections per year to assess property condition during tenancy.† We will make the access arrangements with your tenants, provide the tenants with feedback and action points as necessary, check your property for any structural or maintenance concerns and provide you with relevant feedback.† Each visit yields an accurate record of your propertyís condition giving you peace of mind as well as proactively seeking to reduce the risk of deposit disputes.